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School Hours:Tuesday--Thursday 11:00--8:00, Friday 11:00--5:30, and Saturday 9:00--2:00.

Phone:  829-2742


Workshops are 60 minutes long and can be booked for any venue from corporate team-building to Music Festivals. Participants need their own ukuleles and music stands. Cost is $15 per person for each workshop.

Julie Holloman is available to teach Beginning Ukulele, Ukulele Strum Patterns, Ukulele Traditional Fingerstyle, Beginning Flamenco for Ukulele, and Intermediate/Advanced Flamenco for Ukulele. 

Evan Stern is available to teach Beginning Ukulele, Playing Bass for the Ukulele Player, Ukulele Strum Patterns, Rhythm Training for the Ukulele, and Beginning Fingerstyle for Ukulele.

Group Lessons:

This is our class schedule:

Aria Ukulele Class Beginners meets every Thursday from 6:00--7:30 p.m.  Age 16 and up. Skill level is beginning. No previous experience required. Fall session runs from September to December, and Spring session runs from January to May. You can register through TMCC.  Strum, sing, and learn to read music using the James Hill Method Book 1.

Aria Ukulele Class Intermediate/Advanced meets every Saturday from 10:15- 11:15, in-person and on Zoom.  This is for students who have taken the beginning course. A basic understanding of reading music, music theory, and playing basic chords is required.  Strum, sing, and read music!  There is a $15.00 drop-in fee.

Aria Ukulele Class Advanced meets every Saturday from 9:00--10:00 a.m., in-person and on Zoom. Age 16 and up.  Must know how to read music, understand  music theory, have basic chords memorized, understand moveable chord shapes, Play in 5th position, handle advanced strumming and part-singing. There is a $15.00 drop-in fee.  

Reno Ukulele Group meets every Wednesday from 6:30-8:00 p.m., in-person and on Zoom.  All ages are welcome and skill level is beginning/intermediate.  There is a $3.00 drop-in fee.  Sing and play all styles of music to your heart's content.

Private Lessons:

We offer private lessons on guitar, piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, bass, electric bass, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele.  We use Zoom, Face Time, or we teach in-person. 

Basic Private Lesson: 30 minutes once a week. 

Advanced Private Lesson:  45 minutes or full hour lesson once a week.

Cost: Basic 30 minute private lesson is $29.00.  Students pay for the entire month by the 9th of each month.  Total cost per month varies from $116.00--$145.00 depending on the number of lesson days in the month.

Please call 829-2742 to set up a tour or schedule lessons.