Our Methods

We are a student-oriented school that tailors lessons to fit the student while maintaining high standards.

During each lesson at Aria, whether private or group, students are challenged to explore the world of music through playing instruments or singing, reading notation, and thinking beyond the music.  We discuss composers and how music has developed over the years.  Students can make connections to other subject areas as well.  For example, we make a connection to math through rhythms, literacy through comprehending lyrics, science through sound, and social studies through the history of songs.

During lessons students are able to learn visually, aurally, and kinesthetically.  They're challenged to think on their own and ask questions when they don't understand something.   We make our lessons fun and engaging while meeting national and state music standards.  Once a student has mastered basic knowledge and techniques we can further tailor the lessons to the student's goals, whether they want to make music for fun or become a professional musician.  They are given opportunities to play in various groups, perform in recitals, and play in venues outside of school.

To learn more about state music standards you can click on the following links:

Music Content Standards

Music Performance Standards